Gaming Cushion - Mongrel MC

Gaming Cushion - Mongrel MC

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RIDE THE BROKEN ROAD: This special edition print was created by our graphic designer, who did an amazing artist’s rendition inspired by the post-apocalyptic survival game Days Gone!

GAMING CUSHIONS FOR ALL: Add some extra epic items to your gaming room like some cool cushions with relatable and motivational slogans that only gamers could understand. Have fun and keep gaming!

SLOGANS AND COLOUR FOR BOYS AND GIRLS: There's a colour for anyone. With 8 fantastic colours, we're aiming to give gamers additional items to scatter around the room - adding touches of colour and awesomeness! With a large choice of slogans and colours you won't be disappointed.

MEASUREMENTS: Each cushion is approximately 56cm x 27cm. It's the perfect size to use on your bed, bean bag chair or piled up in the corner of your gaming room! If you've always got friends over, make sure you've got items to show off with.

WATER-RESISTANT FABRIC: The material used is the perfect fabric for this bean bag as it will handle anything you throw at it. So cleaning it won't be an issue and you can get rid of stains by using a damp cloth.

DESIGNED BY LOFT 25: In the heart of the UK, our factory produces thousands of items per day. With a dedicated design team, we strive in producing items that are comfortable and worthwhile for our customers.