Our Story

Our Quest:

To give you a comfortable and epic gaming experience. The goal of this collection wasn’t only for comfort and style, but to offer unique and innovative bean bags in the U.K. Remember laying across the floor and looking up at the screen as a kid? Or that time you used your bed as a seat? Or even the sofa in the living room?

What if you had a bean bag designed just for you? One that you can’t share with anyone else.

With 7 colours, our bean bag collection provides something for the entire gaming community: from pro gamers, to young gamers, gamer girls, retro gamers and more!

We’re here to avoid sore bums and neck strains. Immerse yourself in a bean bag collection that will give you the perfect gaming positioning. P.S: Don’t be surprised if you stay in your room for days.


The Collection:

Bean Bag Chair – For the intense gamers who are in it to win it.

Lounger – Lean back and play games? Who’s complaining?

Foot Stool – A special addition that’ll take relaxation to another level.

Cushions – Epic slogans and motivation pieces to scatter around your room.


Meet The Crew:

The Doc
Responsible for the stitching, cutting and engineering of the products. Yasreen is the Product Developer, the driving force of the manufacturing process, merging all the bits and bobs into one piece.

The Shooter
All those epic shots came from the photographer, of course. Iza captures and shoots each product effectively. Her editing skills are  dope too.

The Visualiser
Sam is responsible for the creative direction of all shoots and products. She has a vision, gets the right props and styles it the way it should be styled.
The Animator
Laura is the artist, graphic designer and the one who finalises colours and artistry. She creates patterns and detailed sketches of our products.


    Enhance your gaming experience with a bean bag collection that’s designed just for you. Escape reality and live in the fantasy. Thank us later.