Gaming Support Cushion

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Goodbye Gamer Slouch

Here comes our Classic & 8-bit Gaming Support Cushion to the rescue! Our gaming cushion prevents your lower back from leaning forward and supports your posture, no matter what position you’re playing your games in. Made with soft velour at the top and water resistant polyester at the sides and bottom for maximum durability, our cushion provides a comfortable surface for your hands and elbows while you game. With 2 convenient side pockets to hold your favourite snacks, this is a must have for any gamer who wants to improve their posture.

8-Bit is perfect for children and teens aged 8-18.

Classic is suitable for adults.


  •  Helps with back posture as it stops the user from leaning forward

  •  Convenient side pockets to store your snacks or phone

  •  Soft foam filling and is a comfortable shape

  •  Soft velour on top for a soft feeling on the hands and arms

  •  Water Resistant and Washable

  •  Wear Resistant - Built to last and resilient to knocks

  • 8-Bit Dimensions: W 45cm x L 35cm x H 10cm 

  • Classic Dimensions: W 54cm x L 38cm x H 12cm


Goodbye Gamer Slouch