Unveiling Our New Colour Names

Milestones deserve a celebration.

Here at GameOver, we decided to go above and beyond for the company milestone of gaining five thousand followers on Instagram. The gaming community on social media is amazing - it’s filled with fantastic people who are friendly, supportive, and - of course - passionate about gaming.

Just like us.


As the 5k milestone crept nearer, our team began to discuss ways to shake things up. As a small, tight-knit group we’re always trying to create the best products possible, all while keeping things fresh and new. An idea that kept coming back up was the idea of re-branding the colours of our bags. Not only would this be a great way to celebrate, but it would fit in perfectly with our overarching theme of GAMES.

We brainstormed for days, had multiple discussions and meetings, and brainstormed some more. A lot more. Finally, we came up with a new theme for our colour collection product names that we felt fit the Game Over brand insanely well. The gamers amongst our team picked a selection of colour-coordinated characters and objects from our favourite games!

So without further ado, let's get up close and personal with our new colour names!


Our bold blue bag is named after Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion. The cover art has the most amazing blue and black image of Malthael, and we felt this image and the blue-toned gameplay perfectly suited the blue trim colour!



The Purifier. The code. Activate it before it’s too late... you know exactly what we’re referring to! Our grey bean bag is named after the Purity Project in the Fallout franchise. Because nothing screams grey like the end of everything…



There was no way we could leave out the immortal legacy of Mortal Kombat! Our bright yellow bean bag is now named after the myth, the man, the legend...Scorpion (and his weapon). Get over here!



It doesn’t get more green than the swirling acid-like magic in World of Warcraft, used by everyone’s favourite enemies, the Burning Legion!  Our green bean bag is now named after that destructive (but awesome-looking) magic. Just don’t let it corrupt you...


You know the drill...50 points of fire damage when enemies come near! Does anything get much cooler than shooting fire out of your hands? Nope. Our red bean bag is based off of the amazing RPG game Skyrim, and the super-cool elemental runes.



Escape hatches, terrifyingly calm AI systems, the promise of cake….that’s right, our orange bean bag is named after the orange swirling portal in Portal. Who knows where you’ll end up?


Representing a classic game and character, our pink bean bag is now named after the amazing Princess Zelda and her gown in the Twilight Princess expansion. We can't think of anyone better to name this bean bag after!


Onwards and Upwards

There you have it - our new and improved names. The best part of this change is how much these game-themed names truly represent the core heart of our brand: created by gamers, for gamers.  We hope you love them as much as we do!

Which new colour name is your favourite?

Let us know in the comments!


  • Miranda J Cochran

    I like twilight princess and soul reaper

  • Kathryn

    These are fantastic. I want the green one for my gamer son. Do you ship to America?

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