Special Edition Collections Launch

You said you wanted our special edition designs.

We heard you.

Giveaways are cool, of course -- the chance to win a free, handmade edition of a special release? Yes please. But the response to our special edition giveaways was overwhelming - in the best way possible. We knew that WE loved the designs we had created, but we didn’t know if anyone else would be interested. Hundreds of entries and comments later, it was obvious: people were into it. But then amongst the giveaway entries, we started to get dozens of DMs and comments asking to purchase the special edition bean bag.

And so we got to thinking...why not?

After all, designing special edition bean bags is a lot of fun and a lot of work. So we didn’t want to perfect a design only to print it once! The idea of putting our special editions up for sale seemed better and better.

Behind the Scenes of Special Editions

The BTS progress of creating a special edition design is actually longer than some might think. First of all, we put out feelers in the gaming community to see what you’re loving and what you aren’t -- so any answers to our innocent “what games are you loving?” Insta story questions might actually have been research! We also have a calendar of upcoming game releases so we can coordinate our special edition giveaway with a game’s launch.

Once we made a list of possibilities, we narrowed it down to what we thought would be the best option. Our team’s resident gamer then dove in to investigate the ins and outs of the game. What quotes and images are associated with the game and its characters? What would translate well from internet to graphic to bean bag? A few options were chosen and roughly sketched to generate ideas.


These rough sketches were then handed over to our graphic designer, who took these ideas and pulled everything together into the final design!




The Kunai Collection

We designed this collection to honour the release of Mortal Kombat 11! Mortal Kombat is such an epic game and we tried our best to honour the new release of an absolute classic. From the yellow-gold trim and accent pocket to Scorpion’s chain curling around the back, this is the ultimate MK design. The pillow’s quote? Well, there was only one thing to say: FLAWLESS VICTORY.


Ride the broken road:

The Mongrel Collection

The release of Days Gone was highly anticipated and despite a few bugs, we LOVED it. So we had to design a collection based on the insane, gritty, post-apocalyptic world. Our interpretation of Deacon St. John’s motorbike is the focal point of the design, with barbed wire as a finishing touch. And then of course our two pillows are emblazoned with slogans so you can rep the Farewell-founded Mongrel Motorcycle Club all day long. 

Both our special edition sets are on sale NOW!

Let us know what game you’d like us to do for our next special edition design in the comments!

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