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Every gamer needs their very own gaming room - an environment where they can unwind and relax.  

For all the gamers out there, chances are you'll be seated most of the time. Therefore, it's extremely important to be as comfortable as possible. You're going to need a chair with back support but also one that's not too firm. It needs to have such a nice feeling when you're sitting on it that you won't even realise you were there for hours. So without further ado, here's an inside look on what's included in our GAME OVER collection.


In your gaming room, the main priority is to be seated comfortably... for hours or even days. Designed and manufactured by our team at LOFT 25, this gaming bean bag was designed with a water-resistant material - so we completely understand that you may spill some juice or eat on the beanbag as you can easily wipe it clean. Moving on to more cool features, it comes with awesome side pockets allowing you to stash some snacks, a drink and your controller pad. One thing that any gamer can relate to is how frustrating it is to get all your wires tangled. We've made it easier for you to keep your things separated - well your headset at least. Whenever you're not using them, you've got a small headphone hook to hang them on so you'll always have a dedicated spot for it. And there you have it - a bean bag that helps you stay organised. What more could you possibly ask for? 



The second item to add to your gaming room experience is something that'll help you relax and unwind. We understand that most of the games played nowadays are not relaxing, but very intense and the game needs all the concentration and dedication you can give. So we've designed something that'll bring the calm after the storm. Once you're done playing, simply put your feet up. This gaming footstool perfectly accompanies your gaming bean bag chair and you can even use it for Netflix sessions to add another level of comfort. The footstool is also versatile and can be used as an extra seat too. If you normally bring friends over to play against, they can sit on the footstool as it's wide enough for their comfort. 



To really boost the atmosphere and add some fun decor and comfort - we've also added some cushions to our gaming collection. It's always nice to have some additional gaming-themed decor that you can scatter around the room. The cushions feature some cool slogans that'll get you inspired to ace whatever game you're playing. The slogans range from motivational text (Losing Is Not An Option) to a little bit of humour (Gamers Don't Die, They Respawn) - something all gamers can relate to and more fun slogans. So whether you want to add some cushions to your bean bag to really elevate your gaming experience or use it as general gaming decor in your room, it'll add the finishing touches to the ultimate gaming room you've always dreamed of.

A few images of single cushions as a gallery here



Lastly, the gaming lounger was designed for those who don't really care about good posture. If you're the type of gamer who enjoys leaning back - we've got something for you too. This item is literally a lounger bean bag for those who want to switch things up in their rooms. Generally you'd be in one position when you're playing games, but with this lounger it will bring something different and you can sit in different ways. And the best part? It comes with a nice firm arm rest so you can still hold your controller pad while leaning back comfortably. You can control your comfort no matter what you're doing.  

So why not create your own gaming room? It's your own space to enjoy your favourite hobbies, a place where you can make memories with your friends and show off to anyone who steps in through the door. Once the room is done and you're in the zone, you'll be beating your own records in that race game or killing all your enemies single-handedly. The world of gaming will be at your disposal in a different way. So are you in it to win it?

For more information on the Production of our Gaming Bean Bags and more details on the collections, you can them right here on our blog.

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