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Benvingut a la revolució del puf.

Fire Rune Colourway: ja saps el simulacre...50 punts de dany de foc quan els enemics s'acosten! Hi ha res més fresc que disparar-te foc de les mans? No. El nostre puf vermell es basa en el fantàstic joc de rol Skyrim i les runes elementals.

Exempció de responsabilitat per omplir: a causa de les restriccions d'enviament, els clients hauran de muntar aquest producte. Tingueu en compte que el farciment SI ve amb la compra d'un puf! Hem facilitat el procés d'ompliment amb el nostre sistema d'ompliment únic.

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Gaming Bean Bag


Are the items water-resistant?
Yes, all items (bean bag chair, lounger, foot stool and cushions) are made with water-resistant fabric. They are not fully waterproof, so avoid the open ocean.
What ages are your bean bags suitable for?
Our bean bags are suitable for all ages and all levels of gaming from casual gamers to pro competitors.
How do I clean the bean bags?
The bean bags are made with water-resistant fabric and are easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.
What are the bean bags filled with?
Game Over bean bags are filled with high quality, fire retardant EPS polystyrene beads that mould to your body.
Will I ever need to refill my bean bag?
Over time and through use, the bean filling will compress and a top up will be required. There’s a heavy duty zipper located at the bottom of each item for easy refills.
Do all bean bags come fully filled?
Due to shipping restrictions, the lounger does not come prefilled, but it does come with the filling and easy filling instructions. For our bean bag, international customers will need to fill the beanbag products themselves. Please note: the filling DOES come with the purchase of a bean bag! But you will need to insert the filling into the bean bag cover yourself. In a minority of cases, this will also apply to some UK orders.
How many packages does the bean bag arrive in?
For international deliveries, the bean bag filling & cover will arrive in two separate boxes, and lounger filling & cover will arrive in three separate boxes due to size.

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