Assassin's Creed Mirage: Beginner Tips

Assassin's Creed Mirage is a unique game that blends modernity with nostalgia. It captures the essence of the contemporary era while also appealing to dedicated fans of the series from years past. If you're used to the newer versions of the game, you may find the experience of Mirage to be unfamiliar.

But don't worry; we're here to help guide you through this journey, whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to Assassin's Creed. You're in for an exciting adventure with Mirage as your first game.

Harness the Power of Your Eagle for Tactical Advantage!

This advice is mainly for new players to the franchise, but using Enkidu, Basim's eagle, effectively can make the difference between smooth, graceful assassinations and clumsy, awkward attempts to infiltrate enemy territory.

Let your eagle be your strategic guide, helping you plan your route and identify potential threats. Where is your target? What is the best way to get there? Who is standing in your way? And most importantly, where can you find plenty of haystacks?

The Predator skill tree takes this ability to the next level. It lets you easily spot enemies while crouching and map out a guard's patrol route. Even if you don't invest heavily in this skill tree, the "Pathfinder" skill is essential. It provides critical information that you can't afford to miss. Make sure to spend your skill points wisely and prioritise this vital skill!

Embrace the Merchant's Discounts Early

In the game, it has been noticed that giving away Merchant Coins can lead to significant discounts from vendors. But there's an important thing to remember - the discount you receive is not limited to the merchant who receives your Merchant Token. It applies to all the merchants in Baghdad!

Therefore, collecting many Merchant Tokens and distributing them generously among the vendors is crucial. By spending just 9 Tokens, you can enjoy a thirty percent price reduction. This is a great advantage that will consistently ease the financial strain throughout your entire gameplay.

Tactics for Dispatching Guards

Taking out an enemy while another is watching directly is a mistake only amateurs make. However, eliminating a target while another enemy is unaware can be a clever trick. When the unsuspecting enemy comes closer to investigate, please take the opportunity to assassinate them before they realise what's happening silently.

Interestingly, the death of guards doesn't raise much suspicion among their nearby comrades. This means you can eliminate guards without worrying too much about making noise or alerting others.

Moreover, it's important to note that Mirage uniquely can blend into the environment. For example, hiding behind a seemingly obvious stone wall can confuse Basim's enemies. Take advantage of these environmental peculiarities to enhance your tactical advantage.

Every Pile of Hay Conceals Potential Danger

Undoubtedly, shrubs, piles of leaves, and hay-laden waggons are crucial in various aspects. Firstly, they serve as inconspicuous hiding spots to dispose of enemies who have met their demise. The ability to conceal numerous lifeless bodies within a single pile of hay is genuinely remarkable. In addition to this rather grim function, these locations are ideal for ambushing your adversaries.

Even if a fellow soldier happens to witness you abducting their comrade and hiding them within a thicket, their curiosity often outweighs their suspicion, compelling them to investigate further. This creates the perfect opportunity for a seamless chain of assassinations.

Furthermore, these hiding spots become invaluable during evasive manoeuvres. Swiftly retreating around a corner and concealing yourself from view, followed by discreetly entering a pile of leaves, essentially renders you invisible. With the assistance of Eagle Vision, these strategic sanctuaries can be easily identified, ensuring their accessibility in moments of urgency.

Engage in Pervasive Pickpocketing

In Mirage, acquiring wealth is a crucial advantage that allows you to hire different personnel using tokens. You have the potential to amass great prosperity, and the most effective way to do so is quite simple - go on a stealing spree and take every pouch you come across.

As you continue your journey, you will discover other ways to accumulate tokens. Completing contracts, for example, offers an additional method. However, the tokens obtained through these ventures are not as plentiful as the abundant rewards you can gain from navigating a busy market. Each pouch you seize in the market will significantly increase your token treasury.

Parry and Triumph

In combat, you have a variety of attacks at your disposal. Light attacks allow quick slashes against your enemies while holding down buttons unleashes powerful heavy strikes. However, it is wise to avoid relying too heavily on these moves. Instead, it is better to take a reactive approach to combat.

By locking onto your opponent and staying alert, you can watch for a distinct glow surrounding them. A golden aura means it's time to parry, while a crimson radiance indicates the need to dodge. Dodge precisely and continue this cycle until you find the right moment to parry. Successful parries often result in immediate assassinations.

Some enemies don't use attacks that can be parried, such as the large brutes with massive clubs. Avoiding their attacks simplifies the encounter, as their actions are predictable and allow you to counterattack effectively.

Procure Additional Vantage Points

Mirage, like many Ubisoft games, features watchtowers scattered throughout the map. These towers are significant as they provide additional markers and allow for fast travel.

Gathering as many viewpoints as possible while exploring the vast landscape and completing missions is crucial. Taking the time to acquire these viewpoints will make navigation easier and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

When Keys Elude Your Grasp, Exercise Patience

Mirage sometimes faces a dilemma regarding the concept of freedom in its open-world structure. Although you can explore and move around as you please, certain areas in the game have locked doors without any available keys.

Fortunately, your eagle vision can help you solve this problem if you have Enkidu's Pathfinder skill. You can identify the person who possesses the key using this unique ability. However, if this person is challenging to find, you will have to wait until a specific quest requires you to retrieve the key, and then you can come back later to get it.

Barred Doors: A Conundrum to Conquer

During your journey, you will encounter doors that seem impossible to open due to the bars fortifying them. However, these barriers are unlike regular locks that can be easily unlocked with a key. Instead, they hide puzzles that must be solved to proceed. Some puzzles have simple solutions, like finding a noticeable hole in the wall to enter through. But some puzzles require you to think creatively and test your resourcefulness.

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