Homeworld 3 Is Delayed Once Again, Now Launches on May 13

The journey towards the release of Homeworld 3 has been fraught with anticipation and setbacks. Initially announced in August 2019, the game has seen multiple delays, moving from its original late 2022 release window to the first half of 2023, then to February 2024, and most recently to March 8, 2024.

However, in a turn of events that may disappoint eager fans but also speaks to the developers' commitment to quality, Homeworld 3's launch has been postponed once more. The new release date is May 13, with advanced access available from May 10.

The Reason Behind the Latest Delay

The decision to delay Homeworld 3 again came after developer Blackbird Interactive and publisher Gearbox received feedback from a War Games demo available during Steam Next Fest. This demo provided the developers with their first opportunity to see the game played on a large scale, offering invaluable insights into the player experience.

Additionally, a dedicated group of players from outside the organisations was invited to play through the full game, leading to further feedback that the developers felt was crucial to incorporate.

A Focus on Quality

Both Blackbird Interactive and Gearbox have expressed their intention to use this extra time to make final tweaks to Homeworld 3, ensuring it meets the high standards of quality they strive for. This commitment to delivering a polished and satisfying gaming experience is commendable, even if it means fans have to wait a little longer for the game's release.

Advanced Features and System Specifications

Homeworld 3 promises to support advanced features such as ray tracing, High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays, NVIDIA DLSS 2 (Super Resolution) and 3 (Frame Generation), and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2. The full system specifications for various available presets have been detailed, indicating the developers' ambition to make Homeworld 3 a visually stunning and technologically advanced title.

The delay has also affected the Collector's Edition of the game, which includes a 14-inch model of the game's main Mothership, among other collectables. Due to the new release date, orders for the Collector's Edition might have been cancelled by Amazon and other retailers, though efforts are being made to update all retail partners with the new release date.


The repeated delays of Homeworld 3, while frustrating for fans, highlight the challenges and complexities of game development, especially for a title as highly anticipated as this one. The developers' willingness to take extra time to incorporate feedback and polish the game is a positive sign of their dedication to quality. As the new release date approaches, the gaming community's patience will hopefully be rewarded with a game that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

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