Easiest Ways to Earn Credits in Starfield

Are you eager to amass a fortune of credits quickly in Starfield? Look no further, as we've got a guide that will help you rake in those credits without the monotony of repetitive farming. In this guide, we'll explore exciting gameplay strategies that fulfil your space pirate fantasies and efficiently boost your wealth.

Whether you want to smuggle Contraband, explore for high-value loot, or sell planetary survey data, we've got you covered. Let's dive right into the adventure!

Smuggling Contraband:

One of Starfield's most thrilling ways to accumulate credits fast is through contraband smuggling. Not only does it make you feel like a space pirate, but it also provides multiple sources of revenue when done correctly. Contraband can be found from various sources, but the most reliable method is raiding Crimson Fleet ships.

To initiate your smuggling operation, look for missions on the mission board, either from standard sources or various factions, that involve searching and destroying Crimson Fleet Captain ships. Completing these missions often rewards you with at least a few thousand credits, getting you off to a good start.

Once you've located a Crimson Fleet ship, focus on disabling its engines while leaving one intact. This allows you to dock inside the ship, where the real treasure awaits. These ships typically contain Contraband items, and you might even discover multiple high-value items like illegal organs. Though you won't sell them at their market price, you can still profit considerably.

After looting the ship, explore the cargo hold for extra credits. Now, it's time to bring your haul to a Trade Authority in a major city. However, beware of scans during transit; you'll need shielded cargo holds to avoid trouble. You can purchase these from the Red Mile or align yourself with the Crimson Fleet, which offers additional benefits, including access to their space station, The Key, where you can freely offload Contraband without scans.

Selling Contraband:

Once you've secured shielded cargo holds and stolen your Contraband, stash it in your ship's cargo bay to benefit from the shield protection during scans. Teleport to a nearby city, like New Atlantis or Aila Neon, where you'll face scans.

You'll have a 50% chance to pass them; if you fail, reload a save file. After successfully passing, head to the Trade Authority, sell your Contraband (at a fraction of its market value), and watch your credits soar. With the Commerce perk, you can increase your earnings by up to 20%.

Selling Planetary Survey Data:

Another source of income in Starfield is selling planetary survey data. Scan everything on the planets you visit, from creatures to flora, resources, and geological anomalies. Each data entry can fetch you around 1,000 credits. Combining this with missions that require planetary scans can boost your earnings further.

High-Value Loot:

For the best credits and the chance to find legendary items, embark on loot-hunting adventures. Set the game to very high difficulty before entering new areas, and then return it to normal or easy. This ensures that high-value loot is spawned while enemies remain manageable. Engage in missions involving enemy leaders on planetary outposts and loot everything in sight.

Utilise companions to carry excess loot, then sell it to vendors, making sure to empty their inventories before continuing your journey. Remember that vendors have credit limits, so advance time or visit a Trade Authority to maximise your profits.

Last Words:

In the vast universe of Starfield, there are numerous ways to accumulate credits quickly. However, smuggling Contraband, selling planetary survey data, and hunting for high-value loot are some of the most effective and exciting methods. So, embark on your space adventures, stack those credits, and enjoy the thrill of becoming a wealthy spacefarer! Happy gaming!

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