Thunder Ray Review

Thunder Ray, crafted by Purple Tree Studio, emerges as a delightful homage to classic arcade boxing, notably the legendary "Punch-Out!!" series. However, it boldly infuses a modern touch with sci-fi aesthetics and visceral, action-packed gameplay. Stepping into the shoes of Rey "The Undisputed" Bronze, players navigate a neon-soaked ring, confronting eight increasingly eccentric adversaries. Does Thunder Ray deliver a decisive blow, or does it falter in the face of expectations? Let's strap on the gloves and explore.

Visual Splendor

From the captivating opening cinematic, Thunder Ray exudes style. The hand-drawn animation is a vibrant burst of color reminiscent of 1930s cartoons and iconic movie posters. Each character, whether it's the towering alien Bruiser or the fire-wielding sorceress Ignis, exudes personality and intricate detailing. The arenas mirror this visual prowess, each boasting a unique theme and visual surprises. Whether in a neon-lit space station or a gritty underground club, Thunder Ray's world feels alive, brimming with character.

Gameplay Excellence

The gameplay is an arcade boxing aficionado's dream. With Rey under your control, the simple yet responsive controls allow for deft dodges, precise blocks, and a cascade of jabs and uppercuts. Mastering the timing becomes pivotal as opponents unveil their tells and unique attack patterns. Thunder Ray introduces curveballs like projectiles, environmental hazards, and temporary power-ups, ensuring constant engagement. While the learning curve is steep, the satisfaction of a well-timed counter punch is unparalleled.

Gloriously Gory Intensity

Thunder Ray transcends the conventional boxing game with its brutal ballet of violence. Every punch leaves its mark, with visible welts, flying teeth, and a bloodthirsty crowd. Unapologetic in its portrayal of the sport's brutality, the impact of each blow is accentuated by a symphony of bone-crunching and flesh-tearing sound design. Not for the faint-hearted, Thunder Ray is a visceral delight for those who relish a hint of edginess in their gaming experience.

Punchy Soundtrack

The soundtrack stands out as another triumph. A pulsating mix of jazz, funk, and electronica perfectly complements each fight, infusing energy and unpredictability. The booming voice of the announcer adds yet another layer of personality, with witty banter and over-the-top commentary amplifying the experience.

Brief but Potent

While Thunder Ray's narrative is straightforward, it serves as a suitable backdrop for the intense action. The eight diverse bosses offer ample variety and challenge, yet the game's Achilles' heel is its brevity. The main campaign wraps up in a few hours, leaving players yearning for more. Although additional modes like boss rush and speedrun leaderboards exist, the hunger for extended gameplay remains.

The Verdict

Thunder Ray stands as a knockout amalgamation of nostalgia, style, and unbridled action. It pays homage to classic arcade boxing while injecting innovation. The captivating visuals, responsive gameplay, and unflinching brutality make it a pure joy to play. Despite the short campaign, the game's replayability and sheer fun factor make it a must-play for genre enthusiasts. Don your gloves, step into the ring, and let Thunder Ray deliver a knockout punch of gaming satisfaction.

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