Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Review

Creating a sequel to a bestselling game is akin to walking a creative tightrope, one that would even challenge Spider-Man himself. Stray too far from the original formula, and you risk losing the essence of what made the game a hit in the first place. Stick too close, and you risk being labelled as complacent and unambitious.

However, with Spider-Man 2, Insomniac Games has showcased its exceptional skill and precision, like an Olympic gymnast gracefully navigating this delicate path.

An Enchanting New York City

Players are back in a unique and bustling New York City. This time, the city is even bigger and more lively. In the game, you can play as Peter Parker and Miles Morales and switch between them as they take on Kraven Hunter, who wants to set free some bad guys and hunt them for fun. Plus, the alien symbiote that turns into Marvel's Venom lurks in surprising places, ready to attack.

Thrilling Battles and Superhero Action

In this game, you mainly fight against Spider-Man's enemies in big battles. You control Spider-Man and can use his web-slinging and fighting moves to defeat the bad guys. You can do cool moves like suspending enemies in the air and striking them.

You also get experience points and tokens as you play, which you can use to get better at fighting and upgrade Spider-Man's suits. There are two different Spider-Man characters in the game, and even though they have slightly different powers, you use the same buttons to control them. At first, the controls might seem confusing because there are many moves to learn.

Exploring the City and Its Districts

The game is a lot like the ones that came before it. In New York, there are different areas, and in each one, you can do various small missions. These missions can be things like stopping crimes, sneaking into enemy hideouts, or dealing with problems in the neighbourhood. These small missions mix in with the main story missions, so it feels like a fun and familiar adventure.

The game also brings in new enemies' side stories and makes the city look even better. You get to explore places like Brooklyn and Queens, which have different looks and make the game even more attractive.

A Narrative Symphony

Spider-Man 2 does a great job of telling the stories of both Peter and Miles without making it too complicated or boring. Their stories sometimes match and sometimes go in different directions, which makes the game more interesting. Peter is growing up, looking for a job, and moving in with MJ, while Miles is dealing with losing his dad and feeling unsure of himself.

These character stories aren't just something in the background; they are an essential part of the game. In between the exciting fights, Spider-Man 2 also shows moments of friendship and emotion. For example, there's a touching scene at Coney Island amusement park with Peter, Harry, and Mary Jane that shows how their relationships are complicated.

There's also a side story in the game about a community center in Harlem and a collection of jazz things. It's written with great care and knowledge, and it's interesting. The game even takes some surprising turns to explore the connection between bebop and rap music, which makes the game more enjoyable for the players.

Profound Interactive Moments

One of the standout sequences doesn't even involve the main characters. In a side quest, Miles's hearing-impaired friend Hailey helps another graffiti artist gain confidence in her work. The portrayal of Hailey's unique perspective on the world is imaginative and moving, showcasing Insomniac's ability to infuse story, subtext, and meaning into profound interactive moments.

The Joy of Traversal

The new Spider-Man game still lets you swing around the city with web-slinging, just like in the old one. But now, they've added a cool wingsuit feature. It allows Spider-Man to glide through the air for a long time.

This makes Spider-Man feel even smoother and more relaxed as he flies through the city. The wind in the streets and near the rivers helps him stay in the air for a long time. It's a immersive and fun experience.

A Few Hiccups

Spider-Man 2 is a great game, but it has a few issues. Some boss fights are too long, with too many difficult parts when just a few would be enough. Also, some features where Spider-Man has weird dreams or uses virtual reality can be annoying instead of exciting. The game needs to show you where to go and what to do, but sometimes, the controls can be confusing, especially in puzzle parts.

An Exceptional Gaming Experience

Even though there are a few minor problems, playing Spider-Man 2 is enjoyable. The people who made this game put a lot of love into it, and it stays true to the original story. If you have a PS5, you should give it a try.

The game has options to make it easy for many people to play. It's like a dream come true, full of exciting things, battles, and feelings. It sets a high bar for action-adventure games that many people like to play. It's just like what Stan Lee, the famous comic book creator, used to say: "Excelsior!"

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