Manor Lords: 6 Things You Need to Know Before Playing

Embark on a journey into medieval city-building with Manor Lords, a game that combines the charm of a medieval world with the complexity of managing a thriving settlement. In this article, we'll delve into the basics of Manor Lords, exploring its unique features such as Total War-style RTS battles and its intricate economy. Having spent numerous hours navigating the intricacies of Manor Lords, here are essential tips that every beginner should know before diving into this captivating world.

Choosing Your Settlement Site:

Manor Lords starts you off with a random location on the map, each offering its challenges and opportunities. However, strategic planning begins with selecting a favourable settlement site. For beginners, the southwest corner of the map provides a balanced starting point. Before placing your first building, utilise the construction menu overlays to assess underground water and emmer fertility. Optimal placement ensures access to essential resources for sustainable growth.

Optimising Housing Space:

Efficient land use is crucial in Manor Lords. Burgage plots serve as the foundation for housing, with careful planning maximising space utilisation. Aim for plots approximately two ticks across and four to five ticks deep, accommodating multiple families. Additionally, incorporating residential extensions and backyard expansions enhances productivity, aligning with historical practises of decentralised economic activities within households.

Prioritising Fuel and Food:

Survival hinges on meeting the basic needs of your populace, starting with fuel and food. Establish woodcutter lodges and lumber camps to ensure a steady supply of firewood and timber. Allocate families to gather resources accordingly, balancing labour distribution. For sustenance, prioritise hunting wild animals and gathering berries, utilising natural resources until agricultural production scales up. Maintain a small granary and storehouse to safeguard provisions from the elements.

Fostering Community Happiness:

Happy villagers are productive villagers. Invest in communal infrastructure like wooden churches and marketplaces to foster a sense of community and meet religious and commercial needs. As your settlement grows, expand housing options to accommodate newcomers, ensuring a steady influx of labour. Strategically plan expansions to maintain harmony between population growth and resource availability.

Specialisation and Development:

Tailor your settlement's development to suit your objectives. Whether prioritising military prowess or agricultural dominance, allocate development points wisely to unlock essential technologies and industries. Consider regional specialisation and leverage trading opportunities to supplement local production. Balancing economic growth with defencive capabilities is key to long-term prosperity.

Addressing Security Threats:

Bandit camps pose a persistent threat to your settlement's security. Act swiftly to raise a militia and confront bandit incursions before they escalate. Utilise setup options to grant a grace period for initial development, allowing time to establish defencive structures and armaments. With careful planning and vigilance, your settlement can withstand external threats and thrive in the face of adversity.


Manor Lords offers a rich tapestry of medieval city-building and strategic gameplay. By mastering the fundamentals of settlement management, players can embark on a rewarding journey of growth and prosperity. This guide provides a solid foundation for newcomers, offering insights into essential mechanics and strategies. As you embark on your journey, may your settlement flourish and stand the test of time.

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