Top 10 Upcoming Games to Play in 2023

2023 has already seen a great deal of major game releases for the various consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Here is an overview of the best games that are forthcoming for the coming year and beyond.

It's true that some of the titles we were expecting in the last year got postponed. After two years of adapting to the new console generation and facing the difficulties of development due to the pandemic, 2023 seems to be the year when the current-gen will be at its peak.

Regardless of the season or console you own, there's an abundance of thrilling titles heading our way in the near future. Keep reading to find out which games we are most looking forward to.

1. Marvel Spider-Man 2 

Marvel's iconic character, Spider-Man, has made a return for a sequel with the release of Spider-Man 2. This cinematic adventure takes viewers along for a journey with the web-slinger as he battles against formidable foes.

A sequel to the successful title featuring one of the most beloved superheroes, Marvel's Spider-Man, is an obvious choice for PlayStation users. Additionally, the Miles Morales expansion was well-received, so fans will be able to take control of both Peter Parker and Miles' versions of the character to confront the new villains, Kraven the Hunter, and the fan favorite, Venom.

Details have been sparse, but we're expecting an invigorating alteration of the open-world formula to coincide with the enthralling sensation of swinging through the city. With Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse hitting theaters in June, it looks like this year will be a great one for Spider-Man fans.

Due: Autumn 2023 (TBA)

2. Street Fighter 6

It appears as if fighting games are becoming increasingly rare, yet Street Fighter 6 could be the one to help revive the genre.

Early hands-on experiences with the game demonstrate a highly refined fighting game featuring a unique, hyper-realistic style as well as an easier control system. The game allows players to generate their own fighter and fight in an extensive single-player mode and online battle hub, establishing a strong platform for both seasoned fighting game aficionados and newcomers alike.

Naturally, the roster is significant as well. SF6 has a substantial makeover of the original World Warriors, with Chun Li, a police officer-turned-kung fu master, and Ken, who appears to have endured struggles.

Plus, there are fresh challengers such as the French grappling fashionista Manon and graffiti ninja Kimberley. During the most recent Playstation State of Play we had a glimpse of Lily, Cammy, the undoubtedly not new character, and the mohawked powerbomb machine, everyone's favorite Zangief.

Due: June 2nd.

3. Final Fantasy XVI

The year 2023 is a special one for aficionados of the Final Fantasy series, with two upcoming titles to look forward to, including Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. But it is the entirely novel Final Fantasy XVI that has us most eagerly anticipating its release.

Taking up a more developed atmosphere that is reminiscent of Western fantasies like The Witcher or God of War, this is a contentious change for the extensive Japanese RPG series, yet we can still anticipate a grand journey involving crystals and the renowned summoned Eikons.

Clive, the protagonist, will have some supporters as he progresses through the narrative that covers different eras. This is an action-packed single-player real-time game. Those who have seen the credits of the director of the game battles - who worked on Devil May Cry and the underrated Dragon 's Dogma - will know that it's going to be a great experience.

Due: June 22

4. Lies of P

Though there have been many versions of the Pinocchio story, it continues to capture the imaginations of new generations. The latest adaptation is Lies of P, which goes beyond the original narrative to create a darker version. Players assume the role of Pinocchio, or 'P', who finds themselves in a train station with a note telling them to locate Mr. Geppetto.

Set in an alternate 19th century, the protagonist has a robotic arm that can be upgraded with various weapons and gadgets. The game appears to draw inspiration from Kingdom Hearts, but transporting the characters to a French Revolution-era setting. It remains to be seen if the title will meet its high expectations.

Due: August 2023

5. Hollow Knight: Silksong

The fifth entry in the Hollow Knight series is Silksong, a game that offers an exciting new challenge for players. This game brings with it a fresh story, characters, and locations for gamers to explore. It also presents a unique level of difficulty, allowing veteran players to test their mettle.

An indie Metroidvania created by a mere trio of people, Hollow Knight has gained immense popularity since its release in 2017. With that being said, the expectation for the sequel Silksong is sky-high.

With stunning hand-drawn visuals, the game takes place in a spooky bug-filled world. Players take on the role of the agile Hornet—a formidable villain from the first game. The objective is to climb the kingdom’s hierarchy while facing brand-new adversaries and trials.

Team Cherry has not yet given an exact date for the release of Silksong, and it's possible they might just surprise us with it suddenly. However, the long wait is offset by the fact that it has been confirmed for every significant platform, and it will be available on Game Pass right from the beginning.

Due: TBA

6. Starfield

Since The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, Bethesda's first major new open world IP, Starfield, has been expected to be on a grand scale. Consequently, the November 11, 2022 release date for the game was pushed back, likely to avoid parallels to the much-discussed launch of No Man's Sky or to keep the studio's reputation for releasing bug-free titles.

In Starfield, a mix of shooter and melee combat can be experienced in either first or third-person as you explore the expanse of space with a customised spacecraft. With over 1,000 worlds to explore across more than 100 systems, you'll be able to choose your alliances or fight space pirates.

Due: 2023

7. Baldur’s Gate 3 

It appears that Baldur's Gate 3 has been in Early Access for quite some time, however, a release date has finally been announced. It appears that the game is shaping up nicely. This game is part of the new trend of reviving beloved game series from the past (the prior Baldur's Gate game was released in 2000) and is being developed by Larian Studios, the team behind Divinity: Original Sin.

It's set to be a major hit in 2023, Baldur 's Gate 3 has all the makings of the definitive Baldur's Gate experience. The game is a top-down role-playing title that follows the 5th Edition D&D rules and takes place in a fantasy world. Your character has been infected with a parasite in their brain and their quest is to find a cure. Even though the plot is quite particular, this title is expected to be one of the most important releases of the upcoming year.

Due: August 2023 (PC, PS5) TBA (Xbox)

8. Mortal Kombat 1 

The original Mortal Kombat of 1992 should not be mistaken with the current reboot, Mortal Kombat 1. Fire God Liu Kang won the Mortal Kombat 11, thus recreating this classic universe. However, despite this, the announcement trailer is still as gory as ever, so those who watch it should be aware of what they are getting into. After all, what did we expect from Mortal Kombat?

The Mortal Kombat series is a nostalgic reminder for 80s Dads, so it's no surprise the latest installment will contain some classic characters. At launch, gamers will get to play as a Johnny Cage skin with the likeness of the famous martial arts actor Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Due: 19 September

9. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl 

Developed by Ukranian studio GSC Game World, the fourth entry in the Stalker saga, Heart of Chornobyl, will have you return to the nuclear power plants exclusion zone. Your mission is to stay alive, defend yourself against monsters and cope with the unusual radioactive disturbances. The original game, which was unveiled in 2007, featured a collective mind formed by seven linked scientists. It is unclear what the team has come up with to outshine that.

Heart of Chornobyl, an immersive first-person game, is being created with the Unreal Engine 5 and will be set in a fully open world. It will be visually impressive thanks to the utilisation of the most advanced graphics technology, which includes ray-tracing.

Due: December 2023

10. Diablo IV

We all know the allure of going through dungeons and collecting better rewards to become more powerful so we can take on even tougher enemies and get even better loot. It's therefore exciting to finally have the originator of this diabolical game design make a long-awaited comeback!

Diablo IV is a revival of the classic dungeon crawling style, this time with a more expansive open-world. From a bird's eye view, the graphics are remarkable and they become even more stunning with the cinematic cutscenes that come with it. Moreover, you can customise your character's class-based abilities and use the transmog system to make them look as you wish.

Due: June 6


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